Make It Easier for Parents to Connect Using QR Codes

I am getting things ready to head back to school. This year, I am going to add QR codes to my parent info packets. This way, they can simply scan the QR code and link directly to my class website. Wait, wait, wait. What's a QR code? QR codes are those funny looking squares that have shown up on products everywhere. You can scan them using a smartphone and get extra information or be automatically linked to a website.
QR Code for
QR Code

If you have never made a QR code, it is fairly easy to do. I like to use a site called to generate the code, but most smartphones have a QR reader app that will also generate them for you. I just prefer to do things on the computer.

To make a code with Kaywa, decide what information you want in your code. Will it be your website or blog? Contact information? It can even be plain text with information such as important dates to remember. Select the appropriate button, enter the information to be included, and generate the code. If you are planning to print out the code, choose static code. This way all the information is saved inside the picture. To save the image, hover your mouse above the image, right click and choose "save image as". Your image will be saved to your computer and  you can paste into into any document just like clip art.

Qr Code Instructions
Choose the type of  information you want in your code.
Enter your information.
Remember to choose static if you plan to print it out.
Generate code.

Qr Code Instructions
A square with your QR code will appear.
Right click on the image and save it to your computer.
Paste it into your newsletter or other documents.

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