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I am linking up with Flying into First Grade for the weekly Let's Get Acquainted Linky. This week's topic is favorite teacher memories.
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Favorite Teacher AppleI was fortunate enough to have many good teachers. I thank them for helping me to be the person I am today. One of my favorite and influential teachers was my high-school math teacher, Miss Devaney. I was lucky enough to have her as a teacher every year from 9th-11th grades. I already loved math, but she helped foster that enthusiasm. She taught with models and manipulatives long before it was considered the thing to do. I remember working with geoboards , unifix cubes, and miras in high school and it was extremely effective. Miss Devaney also had no problem stopping instruction to have class meetings or "chats" about any issue that seemed important for the benefit of our class.

It has been many years, but I still model my math classes based on her teaching methods. She inspired me to continue on in math. Two years ago, I returned to  grad school and very recently completed my masters in math education. Thank you, Miss Devaney!!!

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